Friday, November 29, 2019

Getting Married? No Worries....

Weddings can bring the best and the worst out in people. The Bride, the Groom, partners, the parents...anyone involved in the planning and execution of the Perfect Day.

Many brides have that Special Day all lined out in their head (since they were a child), and when it comes to reality, it sometimes cannot happen. Either because of finances, logistics or just because no one can agree.This all turns into Worry and Stress.

 It has been my experience that there are two types of couples. Some who want to pick every flower, ribbon and detail. Then there is the couple who has a general look they want to have and won't sweat the details. They are perfectly content leaving those details to trusted professionals that they conveyed this information to. The second couple are the ones who can have a Worry Free wedding at Swan Song Inn.

So if you want to have a beautiful outdoor lakeside wedding completely taken care of from chairs to food to decor, pictures, cake and so much more. Call us for a free tour and consultation.

Oh, I didn't even mention that you get to spend the night in one of our two room suites, complete with fireplace and jetted tub!

 Why do we have weddings anyway?  A reason to have a celebration? To show the world that you have found your partner? Just to make it legal? To renew the vows made years ago?  There are many reasons to want to share your joy and love with others. But it doesn't have to make you crazy along the way.  We meet with the couple to discuss the details. Starting with the date, time of day, how many people and the officiant. Where on the estate do they want to share their vows? We go on to menus, color and style of flowers and table decor. What type of songs, down to their favorite play lists and ceremony music. We discuss how formal or relaxed they want the event to be. Then we work with our partnered professionals from photography, catering, decorations and the cake. After a detailed conversation, they are done and the rest is up to us here at Swan Song Inn. They will simply show up on Wedding Day with their clothes, licence and a smile.

One great thing about being part of a Worry Free Wedding here at the Inn is that you get years of wedding experience with myself and my trusted vendor partners. So you do not have to have the added expense of a Day Of Coordinator.

Now not every couple is OK with this type of service and we of course welcome these couples with open arms as well. We have other packages where the venue is rented and the couple can make all the decisions down to how many petals on a daisy. We are still here to help and guide the day of.

We have other partners we work with when the couple want more choices. While we offer an in house music package we make sure the couple knows the difference between in house music and a professional DJ service.  We also offer professional hair and make up artists. These can be added on to any package.

All of these beautiful couples trusted us here at Swan Song Inn, along with our vendor partners, to create the perfect wedding memories for them.

Here at Swan Song Inn we have the experience to make your wedding day a stress free memorable event.  Let us help you plan your Worry Free Wedding.

Inn Keepers Cheri and Doug

All wedding photos credit to His Fingerprint Photography
Inn Keepers Photo Credit to Joyce Geiser Photography 

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